Hard Fork Takes Place in Bitcoin Cash Network

Hardrock in the Bitcoin Cash network was activated at 4:14 pm on May 16th. In order to make changes, the Median Time Past technology was used. The developers warned users about the need to update the software being used, which supports new consensus rules. The initiators explained the need of carrying out the hard fork by preparing for the forthcoming changes, in order to expand the functionality, in particular, by the introduction of operational codes.

Note that the codes were disabled after enthusiast Steve Shedders discovered critical vulnerabilities in OP_Codes. This was necessary to ensure safety. At the same time, he noted that eliminating errors and re-enabling codes will be useful for the further development and dissemination of BCH. There are also opponents against increasing the size of the block. Those users believe that such a step can lead to a loss of real decentralization and reduce the speed of distribution.

Many Bitcoin Cash supporters claim its superiority over Bitcoin, noting lower commission fees. However, it is worth noting that after SegWit implementation,  commission in the BTC blockchain has become much smaller, in comparison with the BCH network.

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