Hidden Miners, Binance Chain, and CPO from Winklevoss Brothers

In February this year, 42% of large enterprise systems around the world were affected by hacking attacks and hidden mining viruses. This data was published on the basis of a study by Check Point SoftTech. Experts said that on a large scale, only 3 types of virus software were used – CoinHive, Jsecoin and Cryptoloot. Moreover, CoinHive Miner was engaged in ⅕ attacks.

Binance Chain is a new project, announced by one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms. The new blockchain platform will become a base for combining decentralized and centralized payment systems. It is planned that the project will allow customers to carry out direct exchange, purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, and will also grant community status to the Binance project.

Winklevoss brothers made a post on Gemini blog, suggesting the creation of a new independent organization responsible for regulating the cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. Cameron and Tyler believe that this step is essential for further development of the crypto-industry at the national and global levels.

TOP currencies’ prices:

Bitcoin $ 7,963.40 (↓ 13.76%)
Ethereum $ 588.17 (↓ 15.62%)
Ripple $ 0.65 (↓ 17.33%)
Bitcoin Cash $ 894.05 (↓ 14.86%)
Litecoin $ 155.38 (↓ 11.81%)

Cryptocurrency market capitalization: $316.18 billion


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