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Fidelity Investments to Open Its Crypto Website

The company, which is estimated by specialists at about $2.4 trillion, is ready to launch its own crypto platform. However, the company closed its crypto branch which opened in 2017. Fidelity is one of the first investment giants which adopted and actively develops the crypto industry. There could be a time when management will start Bitcoin and Ethereum mining, while employees could pay for their meals in the corporate dining room with cryptocurrencies. The opening of the platform by such a giant will have a very positive effect on the investor’s attitude towards crypto market.

Apple Sued for $200,000 from a Small Startup

“Apple” giant has received a lawsuit from the blockchain startup, Shift. According to them, the Apple Shortcuts logo is a copy from their logo, as both shapes and colors are preserved. Startup management intends to sue $200,000 for the services of a well-known design company for rebranding.

A New Mining Protocol Created

One of Bitcoin Core developers posted a test version of the “digital gold” mining protocol, BetterHash, on GitHub. The developer’s name is Matt Corallo. He argues that the new protocol can make the network more decentralized and resistant to censoring. BetterHash can allow the miners to decide for themselves how to go further without relying on the decisions from operators of mining pools.

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