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Court Bans Importation of Mining Equipment

The Tobolsk customs office has banned a Russian citizen from importing equipment for the extraction of “digital gold.” Moreover, after filing an appeal with the court, the citizen lost the case. The judge recognized the customs decision correct, despite the fact that the miner presented the equipment necessary for mathematical calculations, not for the production of cryptocurrency.

1600 Wallets Manage 7 Million BTC

Bitcoin volatility is in the fact that the fixed capital belongs to only 1600 wallets. Each of these wallets owns more than 1,000 Bitcoins. It is noted that the 100 accounts contain more than 10,000 tokens of the first cryptocurrency in each. Experts believe that while these wallets keep their capital and continue to accumulate it, the price of the BTC will keep growing, but if one of the “whales” starts mass selling coins, the market explodes with panic.

Scalability Trillem

The main problem of all blockchain projects consist of only three separate issues: security, decentralization, and scalability. All of the systems currently has only two of the three qualities, but not all at once. The blockchain system must be resistant to such attacks as 51%, DDOS, etc. Each network member should be able to act without prejudice. And most importantly, a multi-user network should be able to handle scripts with millions of users online.

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