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If you do not invest in ICO Modern Tech, then you are lucky, but 35,000 Vietnamese investors were victims of fraud. More than $ 660 million were actually stolen from people. But investors are not discouraged, they even held a large-scale protest in front of the headquarters of Modern Tech, which attracted the attention of the state to this issue. A criminal case has been opened against the scammers.

Already in June this year, a project of the national intellectual property registry will be launched in Russia. The platform is based on blockchain technology and provides an opportunity to protect all types of copyrights. The registry will become a highly organized storage system, with demo access and reference sample storage capabilities. A large-scale anti-piracy programme will be launched this autumn.

While the Russians celebrated the day of cosmonautics in China, the police dispersed the visitors and participants of the blockchain conference in Shanghai. Local publishers leaked information that such measures by the state caused a message from some investors about the presence at the event of representatives of the fraudulent ICO project. The organizers themselves refute this claim, citing the fact that the conference is not a road show for projects


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