Information War and Bitcoin Price

Every day dozens of websites publish contradictory news. Some of them say that the Bitcoin bubble has already burst, while others state, that the “bears” are retreating and the market is occupied by “bulls”.

So on Sunday the team at Bank of America published a release dedicated to the study of the largest “bubbles” in history. In this issue, analysts reviewed the charts of tulip fever, the stock market crash in 1929, and some well-known companies. In their research, economists have come to the conclusion that the Bitcoin “bubble” has already burst and inexorably decreases. The proof was the imposition of all the graphs on each other, where it is seen that the 60% correction of Bitcoin coincides with the stages of the “bubble” reduction in each of the cases considered.

On Monday, the manager of the crypto-investment fund, Crypto Asset Management, Timothy Enneking said that the “winter” in the market has ended and the time has come for its rapid growth. In addition to reflecting on the factors influencing the market, Timothy noted that Bitcoin’s growth is still 600% over the past 15 months. Also, many altcoins show a steady increase in value. Yet according to CoinMarketCap, crypto-market capitalization is only $277.31 billion, which still does not please the average investor.


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