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The Head of the Fujitsu’s European branch, Rolf Werner, has joined IOTA, as it was noted by the official blog of the project, that the newest member of the team is an unsurpassed enthusiast full of drive. IOTA is a completely new system that does not need miners and commissions for transactions. Werner believes that the possibilities of this project are unlimited, although many online users consider this idea to be stupid.

Chinese Tai Cloud Tech together with the Far Eastern Development Fund have announced the launch of several projects that relate directly to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In particular, a crypto-financial center will be opened. Earlier they had offered to organize a “silicon valley” in the region which has been well received by the Far East, but this issue is still under discussion.

Chinese venture company, Tunlan Investment, has created a new investment blockchain fund, which operates in the industrial park of Hangzhou. The capital of the fund is more than 1.5 billion dollars, $400 million of which came from the local treasury, which means their is support of the fund from the government. Hangzhou Park is the launch place of many innovative projects, moreover, Alibaba Group was organized there nearly 20 years ago.


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