Less than three months are left before the adoption of the law on cryptocurrency in Russia

Recall that Vladimir Putin in the framework of the program “Digital economy of the Russian Federation” approved a list of instructions to the Government and the Central Bank, including: up to July 1, 2018 — to prepare amendments to the legislation providing for the definition of concepts such as “digital mortgage”, “cryptocurrency” token”,” smart contract”, but be sure to take into account that the ruble retains the status of the only legal tender in Russia.

Also, legislators need to understand the requirements for organizations whose activities are based on the principles of cryptography in the environment of distributed registries (“mining”), in particular, their registration and taxation. And another important point that needs to be determined before July 1 is the regulation of the ICO.

The closer the deadline for the execution of orders Of the President of the Russian Federation, the more often in the media there are news related to cryptocurrency in Russia. One of these is the emergence of near Kursky station cryptoamnesia “Sarkain”, where anyone can buy or sell the cryptocurrency. It is important to note that this exchange office has nothing to do with Sberbank. Probably why the next day the information appeared that the Muscovites appealed to the Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Dmitry Ionina with a request to check the legality of cryptoamnesia.

A few days later, the Director of the Department of financial monitoring and currency control of the Bank of Russia Yuri Polupanov said that in Moscow there are at least three shopping centers with illegal circulation of cryptocurrencies. It was about the shopping center “Moscow “in Lublin, TC” Gardener “at MKAD and” Fudsiti ” on Kaluga highway, they have exchangers that are not registered as a Bank or operating cash desks.

“We are seeing revenue in the cryptocurrency, which is not accounted for anywhere now. The cryptocurrency is immediately transferred to the owners ‘ homeland and converted into the local national currency,” the representative of the Bank of Russia said.

However, the information of Yuri Polupanov about the number of crypto-exchange in Russia was greatly underestimated. To see some real numbers helped the app is Bitmap. Users have already counted 69 cryptocurrency exchange points in Russia, the lion’s share of which falls on Moscow. Here, according to the application, there are 16 points, including offices of crypto exchanges and bitcoin ATMs.

Despite the fact that many refer to bitcoin as a skeptical and at times liken it to a financial pyramid, there are those who see in digital assets is a great opportunity to get rid of the sanctions of the West. For example, the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea, Georgy Muradov to predlojenii the dependence of the economy of the Peninsula from the sanctions of the European Union, through the use of cryptocurrencies. He explained that the emergence of a cryptocurrency investment Fund in the Crimea will make it possible to accumulate cryptocurrency resources, which can then be transferred to Fiat money and used to create investment projects.

Recall, the first country in the world, whose government launched its own cryptocurrency to bypass US sanctions, was Venezuela. The national cryptocurrency El Petro, provided with oil, is gradually beginning to be introduced into the economy of the country and it can even be bought for Russian rubles. The US authorities reacted negatively to this news and forbade Americans to carry out any transactions with the Venezuelan cryptocurrency.

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