Nebulas Blockchain to Integrate in Dolphin Browser

The Nebulas project, which is a decentralized search engine for blockchain startups and ICOs, started collaboration with the Dolphin browser development team. As a result, the search functions of the Nebulas blockchain will be integrated into the browser interface. Thus, developers will receive a simple tool for creating decentralized applications and their promotion among Dolphin users, the number of which currently exceeds 200 million people.

As a result, users of the browser will benefit, having the opportunity to work with modules, such as Nebulas Rank (NR). Search algorithms will provide a more efficient ranking of results. Representatives of the Dolphin administration noted: “We consider the Nebulas project to be one of the most suitable decentralized frameworks, the algorithms of which will be able to cope with the processing of a large data stream from our users”.

Recall that the Nebulas project is creating a search engine, which will be aimed at working with information about blockchain applications, startups, smart contracts, and ICOs. It’s a kind of specialized search engine for the crypto-world. Also, Nebulas is able to integrate into third-party services and provide them with access to its platform.

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