NEM Network Announces Catapult Launch

Tech Bureau, a company developing software products for blockchain solutions, announced the public release expected by mijin v.2 community, known as Catapult. This is a new protocol of the NEM network, intended for use by public and private commercial enterprises. “Catapult launch is an important stage in the development of the network. This is another step in the distribution of blockchain solutions among commercial users,” stressed Mr. Tom Beno, head of Tech Bureau North America.

Integration of the new Catapult protocol allows you to provide the ability to conduct aggregated transactions and create multi-level accounts with the authorization of different signatures. Also, developers report that the network will have functions that  have not been implemented in any of the blockchain networks yet. Updates are aimed at accelerating the integration in the network of corporate blockchains. The solutions will be user-friendly and easily customizable, depending on the needs and specifics of the company. The use of the platform is possible in electronic money systems,  user authentication processes, property registration, logistics, etc.

Following this news, the price of XEM cryptocurrency increased by almost 10%.

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