New Version of Electrum Bitcoin-Wallet to Be Announced

The company of Electrum Bitcoin-wallet developers presented the new 3.1 version. This release will provide users with the option of calculating the network commission, depending on the actual information from the mempools. Before sending funds, you can choose the amount of commission, focusing on the need for a faster or less expensive transaction. Despite the fact that such a decision may become a reason for manipulations from the side of miners (they can create conditions under which the mempool will be filled with expensive unconfirmed transactions), the developers believe that the new system will be more useful.

Today, experienced users know the sites where you can see real data from the pools, and based on this information, they calculate the optimal commission amount. And newcomers often pay an unreasonably high price for confirmation.

Another innovation in the updated version of the wallet will be the introduction of local transactions. This option will help you store the data for the operations that have not been performed in order to use it in the future. This feature can be used in conjunction with a cold wallet – when creating multiple transactions before the transaction is conducted.


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