New Zcash Foundation Partner Contributes to Zcash Growth

Zcash Foundation announced a partnership with StarkWare Industries. The goal of this cooperation is the introduction of STARK technology, which will significantly to increase the confidentiality of transactions in the Zcash network and solve the problem of its scalability.

StarkWare Industries was created by the joint efforts of Alessandro Chiesa and Eli Ben-Sasson, who developed Zcash cryptocurrency. Now they will be consultants at the Zcash Company. The introduction of STARK technology into the network, according to the developers, should increase its scalability and provide a higher level of users’ privacy.

At the moment, the Zcash network uses zero-knowledge technology. This is a system of proofs implemented by the zk-SNARK protocol. The new protocol, proposed by StarkWare, has better efficiency and will allow for a higher level of anonymity in the blockchain.

After the appearance of this news, Zcash price demonstrated a steady growth, increasing by more than 5 percent. Currently, the coin is 26th place on the rating with a capitalization of over $940 million. Market analysts believe that the Zcash price can grow further.

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