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South Korea has toughened measures to regulate the import of equipment for the extraction of “digital gold”. According to the new requirements, the technician must have certificates of compliance with technical standards. Otherwise, the miners are subject to confiscation, as they make a threat to fire safety. Recently, the Korean customs confiscated equipment worth about $1.2 million. is subject to unblocking. This site was included in the list of banned ones in 2016, as well as many similar portals. However, the Supreme Court of Russia  recently decided to abolish previous decisions. This means that in the near future, bans can be lifted from another 40 portals with a similar theme. However, the case is still pending and awaits final confirmation in the court of St. Petersburg.

The upgrade of the Ethereum Casper FFG network will reduce inflation to 2% per year. Currently, the miners for the block receive 3 Ethereum, but once the PoW / PoS consensus mechanism is connected, the reward for the block will drop to 0.82 Ethereum. If you have not invested in this cryptocurrency, now there is a last chance to do this successfully. The cost of ETH tokens will definitely increase in price after the network is updated.

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