Plugin for Cryptocurrency Payments to Be Launched by Coinbase in Test Mode

The popular exchange Coinbase announced the launch of a new service in the test mode. The plugin will provide merchants with the possibility to integrate payments in cryptocurrency. In terms of its functionality, the service looks like a popular button, used in PayPal payment system. The developers note the existence of significant changes in the new release. So, users of the previous version needed to have an account in the Coinbase system in order to work with the service. After the update, it is not required anymore. Despite the fact that the official page of the service has not yet opened registration function for users, individual merchants have already supported this service (in test mode).

With the help of the plugin, the owners of such Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum can use them for effecting payments. By selecting a payment method, the user will be able to enter the amount and address of the payment. It is possible to scan QR code as well. We emphasize that this is not the first innovation allowing for using cryptocurrency as everyday payment method. Recently, the Litepay launch was announced, which is a payment processing service using Litecoin. This will allow for the use of “digital silver” to pay for any services and purchase goods around the world.

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