Portuguese Bank blocks Bitcoin-transaction

Bank Santander Totta started to block the transaction exchangers, stating that they operate with unregulated financial products.

In response to the claim of one of its clients, Santander Totta said that since Coinbase is involved in trading of the unregulated digital currency, transactions, users will not be processed. Local media reported that according to anonymous sources, the Bank has a Directive about the transaction Coinbase.

Santander Totta refuses to cooperate with the exchange in addition, previously one of the users on his page on Facebook showed that may perform the operation associated with Bitstamp, as Santander Totta does not handle transactions coming from the Bitcoin project.

However, while the lockout has affected not all crypto currency exchange, for example, clients Kraken can still conduct transactions through the Bank. In addition, Santander Totta processes with Ripple XRP, according to CCN. Earlier the Finance Minister of Portugal, Mario Centeno, who served as President of the Eurogroup, said that European regulators are closely watching cryptofaunal market “control the big picture.”

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