RACIB Proposes Token Distribution for Voters to Increase Presence at Elections

Representatives of the RACIB Association appealed to the leadership of the CEC for the Russian Federation with an original proposal for the use of blockchain technology on September 9th of  this year in the framework of the forthcoming regional elections. The Association suggests that this way it will be possible to achieve an increase in the presence of citizens at the voting. In order to increase the motivation for participation in the elections, the RACIB offered to give out special tokens to citizens, which can later be used when visiting certain events. It can be exhibitions and art galleries, concerts, etc. – everything that will be organized by local authorities.

“The release of such tokens can be realized by any electronic platform, at the discretion of CEC. RACIB can assist in the choice of the issuer. The distribution of tokens among voters can be done via printed issue with the use of special symbols. This will allow digital tokens to all voters, not just those who have mobile devices connected to the Internet. Codes and numbers of tokens will be included in the blockchain, which will make it possible to verify the authenticity of such a digital voucher by event organizers” – explained Arseniy Sheltsin, the head of RACIB.

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