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Keyport – Cryptomessenger

Atlantislabs launched a new messaging platform. The platform meets the requirements for the protection of personal information. All contacts between users pass through the Bitcoin Cash blockchain network. It is important to note that only the recipient can decrypt the sent message. The beta version of the app is already available on Google Play.

Zencash Lost Half a Million Dollars

Zencash blockchain suffered a 51% attack and the double spending between blocks 318204 and 318234. That led to the loss of about $550 thousand. Specialists noted that the hash during the attack was about 58 mS / s. This fact presupposes a sufficiently powerful private farm owned by those who conducted the attack. Currently, this incident is being investigated.

Japanese Regulators Expelled Hitbtc

Recently, the information appeared that the Hitbtc site, one of the world’s ten largest crypto-exchanges, is leaving the Japanese market. It was caused by the fact that the site management does not want to deal with the country’s regulator, and at the same time,  Hitbtc does not have a permit for its operation. Users with Japanese IP must provide proof that they are not citizens of Japan. Otherwise, access will be denied.

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