Ripple Publishes Report on Pilot XRP Project Results

Ripple presented the results of pilot projects using xRapid technology and the XRP token. According to the company’s information, those who participated in the test programs saved up to 70% of the funds, in comparison with the traditional technologies used before. Also, the time of the transaction, which was about 2 minutes, was significantly reduced (with the usual bank payment around 2-3 days). It is worth noting that the transaction in the XRP Ledger network is carried out in a couple of seconds, the rest of the time was dedicated to additional processing.

At the moment, XRP is at the third position in the cryptocurrency market capitalization rating. Many disputes continue around the token, both among representatives of the traditional financial market, and the cryptocurrency community. According to many experts, the value of XRP is questionable. However, the company itself is confident that the token will eventually be used not only for trading speculations, but will also find its place in the formation of the world financial system.

“The positive results obtained in the framework of pilot projects give us hope for further practical application of the technology,” said Asheesh Birla, Ripple representative.

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