Ripple Ready to Pay for the XRP Listing by Large American Crypto-Exchanges

Ripple is making every effort to add the XRP coin to the list of the largest US crypto-exchange markets. Bloomberg reports that the company is willing to pay millions of dollars for the addition of a coin to the trading platforms. However, it is known about the offer of “financial incentive” to such exchanges as Coinbase and Gemini.

At the end of last year, Gemini administration has offered $1 million for adding XRP to the list of traded coins. The Coinbase exchange was offered a loan in the amount of $100 million. Therefore, the funds are provided in XRP, and repayment of the loan will be possible, both in cryptocurrency and in fiat money.

Despite the information about such offers, the Ripple company refutes them, emphasizing only that their goal is to provide XRP with maximum liquidity. In turn, this will give everyone access to quick and cheap payments.

It should be noted, that such offers are not illegal and can not be compared with an attempt to bribe or give bribes. At the same time, large exchanges do not hurry to accept favorable offers for cooperation due to the fact that XRP has all the signs of securities. Thus, there may be problems after the emergence of the regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency market with this coin.

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