Ripple Supports Entrepreneurs within Xpring Project

Xpring is a new program launched by Ripple, in terms of which cryptocurrency developers will attract various business partners into their system. It is planned that the involved companies will use the blockchain and the XRP cryptocurrency within this framework.

Ethan Bird will be responsible for this project. He already has experience in organizing partnerships from his previous job at Facebook.

Currently, Ripple can offer not only partial investment of profitable business projects, but also their full purchase. Start-ups or companies designed to organize international trade, identify people, virtual goods, media, video games, and other similar projects are of the greatest interest for Ripple.

One of the first entrepreneurs who got into the program was Scooter Brown. He is working with art objects and is engaged in data management. The founders of projects dedicated to micropayments and organization of crypto-funds also received large support.

At the time of writing the article, Ripple’s turnover in the market was more than $27 billion, which definitely gives a chance for millions of entrepreneurs from all over the world to join the global project for the introduction and development of the blockchain industry.

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