Russia Needs a Minister of Digital Economy

In an interview with the FAN RF, Dmitry Marinichev said that in connection with the development of digital technologies and their active implementation in all spheres of the economy, it is necessary to appoint a public officer (a Deputy Prime Minister) responsible for the development of digital economy in the country.

In the opinion of the ombudsman, digital technologies unite the business in the country. In particular, the introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has become a strong catalyst. New technologies have given impetus to the emergence of numerous projects, as well as their widespread implementation by the existing institutions.

The post of a Deputy Prime Minister shall be occupied by a person not aimed at setting unnecessary limits and restrictions in the pursuit of total control over the technology. This person should be able to take well-thought, deliberate decisions based on full understanding and personal opinion.

Dmitry Marinichev has already made such statement. In his opinion, the authorities take steps to ban Bitcoin trying to preserve the established social order. It is also known that the company owned by Mr. Marinichev established a mining center at the site of the Moskvich factory with a capacity of 20 MW.

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