South Korean Citizens Ask for Cryptocurrency Free Zone

In South Korea, people often appeal to the president of the country. By filing petitions, citizens of the country are trying to introduce new rules or laws. Last year, 130,000 people signed a petition to remove the ban on economic transactions with cryptocurrencies, and the government listened to the people.

Recently, the “Blue House” (so-called

the Presidential office by locals) received the new petition. According to the petition, the people of South Korea are asking the government to take the leading positions in the sphere of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The petition contains many references to the fact that the current rules can not fully provide a favorable environment for the development of technology. Even Samsung management already states that the rules of the country limit their ability to compete with other enterprises.

One of the key requests of the population was the proposal to make a particular region in the country free from cryptocurrency regulation. Presumably, in a chosen city or an area, the current laws of South Korea will not be applicable in relation to the blockchain companies and technologies. The creation of such a zone will allow the country to make a huge leap in the development of corresponding directions. The collection of signatures will end on May 9th this year.


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