Switzerland Will Conduct First Municipal Voting on Blockchain Basis

In the Swiss city of Zug, municipal elections will soon be held, in which the blockchain technology will be used. The plebiscite is scheduled for the period from 25.06 to 01.07. This will be the first case of recording the will of voters by using distributed registry technology. During the voting, the testing of the system’s operation will be conducted, which was introduced in November of last year. The developed digital ID (eID) system should provide an opportunity for citizens to participate in voting through their mobile gadgets.

In the course of the voting, in addition to answering the current questions of the municipal level, citizens will also be asked to comment on the future use of the eID system in the organization of elections. It is also known that the results of the upcoming voting will not be binding for the city authorities, since it is necessary to use the new technology in the test mode.

After the creation of “cryptovalley”, Zug plays a significant role in the global ecosystem of digital currencies and the development of blockchain technology. In 2016, the municipality started accepting Bitcoin as a payment for a number of services provided by city authorities.

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