Tari, New Protocol, to Develop on Monero Basis

One of the developers of the anonymous cryptocurrency Monero, Mr. Ricardo Spagny, took part in a new project. Tari, a new protocol based on the Monero blockchain for working with digital assets, will be developed. The creators of Tari noted that they make a product to work with tokens that have “unique properties” that will contain data about ownership in any form. This can be both digital goods and information about crediting loyalty points. In addition, the created protocol will provide an opportunity for issuers of virtual currencies to enter the secondary market.

The creators of Tari argue that the new protocol will support the work with all types of digital assets. Most importantly, the network will be able to handle thousands of transactions per second. The developers noted that they do not want to compare their product with the existing Ethereum network, as they do not aim for the task of creating another competitor for it. They believe that the blockchain and protocols created for the particular use will be much more convenient, compared with the universal solutions. Tari will make it possible to begin trading tokens of any distributed system, regardless of their properties and characteristics.

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