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In kryptomere there are about 200 kryptomere and about fifty decentralized exchange. The best crypto currency exchange you probably are aware of. Briefly consider their main features. Just in case, remember whether you have a paid bill from housing and communal services for the last three months. No joke.


Binance a crypto currency exchange (China), the giant of cryptomeria, the largest platform in terms of trading. The exchange represents more than 200 pairs of cryptocurrencies. The list which contains the best crypto-exchange, it is she who heads. Many people dream to work on it, but it is difficult to register on it. Although now on any crypto exchange periodically or constantly there are problems with registration.

Registration will only allow a small trade with a withdrawal limit of 2 Bitcoin. In order to be able to trade at an acceptable level, you need to pass the verification – name, place of residence, ID. But verification need to wait for an indefinite long time.

You can not enter and withdraw Fiat to trade, you need to first Fiat for something to trade. No Commission on Deposit and withdrawal, the Board of transaction of 0.1%. The main languages are English and Chinese, but Russian is also supported, at a level understandable with a certain effort.


OKEx (Hong Kong), too, quite -??? giant. The main languages are English, Chinese and another Chinese, so the Russian-speaking user is not very popular.

Supports about 80 cryptocurrency pairs, you can trade futures, does not charge fees for transactions on the exchange.

Registration means binding to the user’s phone number. When verifying, it is necessary to fill in an extended questionnaire, but verification provides only an additional opportunity to replenish the exchange with Fiat.


Another monstrous Chinese, expelled from China, but not subdued, is now working from Singapore. Supports Russian language, but not quite.

There are more than 190 cryptocurrency pairs on the exchange, including strange Bitcoin forks. It is possible to conduct margin trading. Users speak warmly about the rich choice of any trade and technological indicators on the stock exchange. Transaction fees from 0.08% to 0.2%, Commission for input and output from 1 to 1.5%.

Verification is difficult, because not all sections are translated into English. Non-Chinese need a passport for verification. As well as Bank account details, with confirmation. Mobile verification is generally almost all in Chinese. But they say that the stock exchange has a responsive support service that can speak English. In General, even if it has leaked into the list where the best crypto-exchanges are collected, but it is very difficult to use it.


This crypto-exchange has recently experienced hacking and problems with banks, which greatly affected the owners of this exchange… Now, if you do not have $ 10,000, you can go…to another exchange.

To pass the verification, you need to provide documents translated into English. You need an extract from the Bank, confirming that you have a Bank account, where you will transfer the money. Still need a certificate on payment of housing services no later than 3 months. And after you provide this help (from housing and communal services) and everything else, verification will take more than a month.

By the way, the exchange encourages users to trade, and if you do not trade, and to store your beloved coins, then you suddenly write off the Commission. A trading fee of 0.1-0.2% per trade; 0.1 percent for input and 0.1-1% of the output.


Global Digital Asset Exchange-that’s how this abbreviation stands for the California cryptocurrency exchange. This exchange is mainly for Americans, while quite advanced in trading, so it is not recommended for beginners and Amateurs. Knowledge of English is very much not hurt. Trade of Russia and the CIS is not supported. At the same time, the request “how to register on the GDAX stock exchange from Russia” is not rare.

Verification is mandatory. The number of trading pairs is different for users from different countries. Cryptocurrency on the stock exchange is represented little. Affiliated with Coinbase, allowing you to register on the stock exchange with Coinbase uchetku. Appreciated for reliability, insurance, technology.


Also American Playground. Recently, the exchange received news that, under the new rules, it will not serve users from countries against which the US has imposed an embargo, since March 9 this year, Russia is just such a country. In addition, registration is now restricted to corporations or by invitation. Information on the official website confirms this.

On the platform you can trade for 450 trading pairs, but pairs with the Fiat no. Registration is simple – if you manage to register. Verification is not required before the output of 4 BTC. For verification does not need a certificate from the utilities, but if the exchange is interested in the user, it will require clarification. Fee per trade of 0.2%.


One of the oldest kryptomere, since 2011 from San Francisco. Despite the long history of the Russian language does not support. You can choose Japanese if you don’t like English of two kinds.

Verification on the exchange is mandatory for normal trade, it is four-level, each level gives more opportunities. Help from housing will need at the fourth level. There are 17 cryptocurrency pairs on the stock exchange with US dollar, canadian dollar, yen and Euro and no charts. The Commission for transactions is about 0.2%, decreases with the growth of trading volumes.


Hitbtc from Chicago. Provides many services for trading, but not in Russian. Registration in two clicks. You can trade cryptocurrency without registration. For depositing or withdrawal needs verification. Two clicks can not do – scans of documents, Bank account information, address and so on. Accordingly, the higher the verification level (three of them) the more opportunities.

The Commission and the exchange for instant transactions 0,1% of the remaining of 0.01%, since December will be charged a flat fee for Bitcoin deposits 0,0003 BTC. This somewhat limits the possibility of participation in the trade of novice crypto traders or just not very wealthy traders yet.

It should be borne in mind that the input – output of the Euro for Russians is limited. Users note, regularly complain about the slow I / o resources.

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