According to the Developers, SegWit2X Has Been Launched

According to the statements of its developers, hard fork in the Bitcoin network, SegWit2X, has been successfully held. As planned, it occurred when block 501451 was reached around 6 pm UTC on December 28th. The purpose of the hard fork is to create a network with a really anonymous and fast Bitcoin. As Jaap Terlouw, the founder of the project, stated that the new fork will not replace the BTC, but will exist simultaneously with it. For the first time, they started talking about SegWit2X in the spring of this year, but on the eve of the planned launch date, it was withdrawn, since it was not possible to achieve a unified opinion in the community.

The code for the new SegWit2X is available on Github. In total, 21 million tokens will be created, as the issue of a new fork is equal to the limit on the number of Bitcoin’s coins. It should be noted that the developers will receive 6 million B2X during the “pre-mining”. The official website reported that all BTC holders will be credited with a new coin, as a gratitude for adherence to the ideas of the blockchain and supporting progress. In addition, the number of Bitcoins, which were mined for the first year by Satoshi Nakamoto, will be credited to the wallets of users in a proportional ratio.

Such wallets as Zuminner and Freewallet, as well as a number of leading cryptocurrency exchanges on which a new coin is supposed to be traded, supported SegWit2X.


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