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The FBI urged Facebook’s leadership to stop the ICO propaganda. As noted, the lawyers for several months have conducted “explanatory” work in relation to Zuckerberg’s company. According to the “clarifications”, it had been decided to stop the advertisement of the new ICOs, as they can harm ordinary people. Google is next in line.

Venezuelan President, Nelson Maduro, noted that it had collected more than $5 billion during the pre-sale of the national cryptocurrency. It is also noted that only 186 buyers have invested in the project, while more than 83,000 people from more than 120 countries were willing to purchase oil cryptocurrency.

The Egyptian authorities are suspected of concealing the Monero cryptocurrency on the citizens computers. As noted, the Telecom Egypt network was the source of infection, while the process itself was under the “AdHose” scheme. As a result, more than 5,500 devices were infected. It is known that a similar scheme was observed in Turkey and Syria, where it is used as a tool for surveillance of citizens.


Major currencies exchange rate:

Bitcoin $9,701.59 (↑ 9.74%)

Ethereum $730.82 (↑ 5.41%)

Ripple $0.82 (↑ 3.08%)

Bitcoin Cash $1 124.46 (↑ 11.67%)

Litecoin $188.66 (↑ 4.68%)

Capitalization of all cryptocurrencies: $390.84 billion

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