The online clothes and footwear market is waiting to change.

15 January 2018 kicks off Imigize Service Blockchain ecosystem tokens pre-sale that can transform the world of the online market of clothing and footwear in the next 10 years. ICO is scheduled for March 2018 (

Everbright Innovations Limited (Hong Kong) with Imigize Group (RF), that have been developing contactless online fitting method since 2015, are creating blockchain ecosystem for clothes and footwear online market.3D remote fitting technology, developed by the company’s professionals, now allows picking footwear of the right size online with pinpoint accuracy that meets individual comfort demands.

Currently, the Imigize service is already using 3D measurements for the remote selection of shoes in several shops. The service offers to buy the most fitting shoes by size and comfort, constructing a three-dimensional model of the internal volume of footwear and aligning them with 3D models of customers feet. Contactless clothes try-on is in the queue.

To help buyers, sellers and producers Imigize creates a transparent, protected against manipulation, without restrictions and bias system of rating control. Imigize uses a vast database of digital information (big data) on the internal volume of online stores shoes, digital profiles of customers feet and data on footwear fitting for each consumer service. The blockchain technology will significantly improve the efficiency of the use of this information. Later on, all this will be used for clothes try-on.

What did prompt to create of such online contactless fitting service?

Both in clothes and shoes online trading there are many problems accumulated. First and foremost, a trend of stagnation of growth in consumer traffic in the Internet shops of clothes and shoes is clearly seen. The system of online trade that exists nowadays is not designed for reliable comfortable size clothes and footwear purchase.

Even if a store offers to the customer free returns of items that didn’t fit and suggests to try on several sizes, it doesn’t completely eliminate psychological and economic problems. Nowadays it is a great luck to purchase any fitting product in this segment. This situation deters most buyers from the Internet.

One of the solutions to the problem of a failed try-on can be the digital product of Imigize – the contactless 3D clothes and shoes fitting service in online stores, in other words, the virtual try-on of footwear of a new generation.

The essence of the novelty of this approach to the virtual selection of shoes is that it solves a long-term goal of fashion to relieve customers from having to know their analog size. Imigize have made the concept of “shoe size” irrelevant for consumer shopping. Now the size marked on the box and the price tag doesn’t matter. The customer will be able to try on items by the actual internal volume of clothes and shoes, choosing their size according to the criterion of individual comfort. Each online purchase is completely safe and makes the buyer a loyal customer of the online store.

The essence of the Imigize contactless footwear fitting service may be summarized as follows:
The user measures feet with a portable scanner in a conventional shoe store or independently with the help of the iOS/Android app.
Customer’s feet 3D model is created on this basis.
At the technology Measurement Center Imigize thread scans all the shoes from the range of online stores, and on this basis creates 3D models of the internal volume of the Shoe.
The software algorithm of the service Imigize combines a 3D model of the customer’s feet and the 3D model of the internal volume of the shoe with pinpoint accuracy and determines the most suitable size.
The user can see the percentage of compatibility of the shoe on each model and also is able to sort footwear in the online shop by the rating of comfort using the function “Show only fitting”.

Who benefits?

The service is aimed at solving not only the commercial issues themselves, but mostly it gives many socio-psychological benefits to customers. The buyer won’t be anxious to buy clothes and shoes online and will be able to take full advantage of the Internet shopping: convenience, low cost, a vast range of worldwide stores. It will be possible to purchase the items using the ID code of the relatives, the elderly and the disabled, to whom a trip to footwear stores may be difficult.

The introduction of the Imigize service would notably increase consumer flow and allow getting extra profit for online stores. Overhead and transportation costs of online stores due to returns will be reduced. On the contrary, conversion and customer loyalty will increase.Imigize service will enable shoe manufacturers to produce the most marketable and comfortable product.

Pilot integration with online retailers.

Now, when the Imigize project is at the stage of pilot development, the founders chose a commercial cooperation between companies that are one of the crucial players in the online footwear market: Wildberries, Sportmaster and Runlab. Thus, they sought to close 2 focus areas: the mass market and branded sports shoes. Wildberries is the online store which registers about 30 million active users monthly. It has a vast range of footwear and a large market share in online trading. Cooperation with Runlab allowed the project to measure athletic jogging sneakers brands that the store sells. Sportmaster has a vast network of stores in the regions.

For the beginning of the more fruitful collaboration, Imigize team has already installed the fitting module in one of the Runlab shops. This allows customers to immediately receive their ID and then to use the services of the online store and purchase fitting footwear remotely. 15 to 30 people use the module daily. Such module is prepared for Wildberries consumer pick-up point in Saint Petersburg and will be installed in the near future. Sportmaster will install the modules in its stores.

Why the global online clothes and footwear market needs a shared eco-system?
It’s all about management and use of a massive flow of information related to the processes of production and sales of the created product. To help buyers, sellers and producers Imigize creates a transparent, protected against manipulation, without restrictions and bias system of rating market control.

Currently, Imigize uses a vast database of digital information (big data) on the internal volume of online stores footwear, digital profiles of customers feet and data on shoes fitting for each consumer service. The new blockchain platform technology with Big Data integration carries a synergistic effect and can be used by market players to enhance coordination of their actions, opens up the online market of clothing and footwear a wide range of new possibilities.

The Imigize Service Blockchain platform is designed to unite all players on the global clothes and footwear market on a new level of confidence in the technology of contactless fitting that provides convenience, reliability and cheapness of online shopping.

Customers will have the possibility of contactless fitting and purchasing any clothes and shoes online and continuously assess the changing range of goods on the parameters of comfort and the quality of online shops services (e.g delivery service, prices etc.);

The sellers will start to use Imigize Service Blockchain for storing consumer data on the level fitting and comfort of purchased clothes and shoes, forming on this basis, the clubs of regular customers on the one hand. And on the other hand on the basis of this information, organize the delivery of goods that meet customer’s comfort requirements;

Manufacturers will have the opportunity to integrate transaction data and statistics of certain groups of clothing and footwear categories consumption distinguished by age, gender, ethnic and other characteristics. They will be able to monitor and regulate online the process of production based on the demand from these groups of buyers;

Dealers and distributors will be able to shape supplies, correlating them with the results of fittings and purchases, responding rapidly to changes in supply and demand in the consumer market.

Rating companies will be able to constantly monitor the online status of the market and provide the necessary valuation information to customers, sellers, and producers of clothing and shoes;

State regulators will begin using the Imigize Service Blockchain data to ensure environmental safety and efficiency of production technologies, to counter attempts to falsify the goods, to increase the effectiveness of anti-fraud, illegal shipments, etc.;

Financial institutions and investors will be able to obtain more detailed and timely information for effective financing of the apparel and footwear manufacturing sector.

The Imigize Service Blockchain platform will allow distributing the service beyond individual regions, to the entire global network of clothing and shoes trade and production. It is expected that in 10-15 years the system will unify and serve the entire world’s online marketplace of clothing and shoes, providing numerous benefits to all stakeholders.

Imigize token concept (IMGZ)

Tokens Imigize (IMGZ) is a token intended for mutual settlements in all economic transactions between all participants of the Imigize Service Blockchain ecosystem.

Imigize Tokens (IMGZ) are utility tokens and serve as a mean of payment for the Imigize service and its separate information components by all ecosystem participants.

All online stores that sell shoes or clothes get the right to use the Imigize contactless fitting service for their online buyers for tokens. One Imigize token (IMGZ) entitles one-time use of the Imigize service.

Pre-sale will start on the 15th of January 2018 and will continue until the 5th of March 2018. The main Token Sale will be held in April – June of 2018.

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