Tim Draper promises that by 2022 bitcoin will reach $ 250 000

Speaking on April 12 at the conference Block (Chain) Party at Draper University in San MATEO, California, investor Tim Draper, who boasts of successful predictions of bitcoin prices, advised listeners to ignore the pessimists. According to him, in four years the cost of bitcoin will reach $250 000.

Draper noticed.:

Believe me, all to it goes. Now optimists like me can be called crazy, but believe me, it will be. That’s wonderful!

Although Draper spoke in a rather informal setting, in the presence of about 50 listeners, his prediction deserves to be listened to by investors in cryptocurrencies. In the past, Draper, who himself owns bitcoins, was not mistaken in his predictions. So, he predicted that by 2017 bitcoin will reach $10,000, and did it in 2014, when the price fluctuated around $300.

Now Draper, who bought bitcoins for a large sum with the help of government auctions, continues to release spectacular replicas, which are immediately picked up by the media. His optimism raises the mood of market participants and has a positive impact on the cryptocurrency in especially difficult times.

The San MATEO conference was one such example — an attempt to tell the public about the benefits of decentralization emanating from cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Before the event Draper said in an interview with the local news Agency Daily Journal:

Blockchain is one of the most transformational technologies in the history of mankind. She deserves to be commended.


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