UK: The Number of Women Traders Has Doubled!

The British crypto exchange LBX has published research data for its audience. It turns out that the number of women traders has doubled within the last 6 months, basically, due to the younger generation.

Potential investors are attracted to the cooperation with the exchange thanks to a lot of currency pairs, the  cryptocurrency popularity, and the official registration of the exchange in the FCA. The platform, in turn, receives an influx of new customers. Thus, this process is beneficial for both parties.

Results of the Study

LBX employees note that now each of 8 women (13%) in the country decided to invest in cryptocurrency. Six months ago this indicator was at the level of 6% of the total population of Great Britain.

As statistics shows convincingly, the increase occurred thanks to young people. In the age category of 18-20 years each of 5 women invest in the cryptocurrency.

LBX senior business analyst, Agnes de Royer, said that the crypto market formed a misconception about the lack of potential interest in trading cryptocurrency by females. In fact, this is not true:

“We see hundreds of daily registrations, lots of inspirational stories and excellent successes of women traders. This motivates us to move forward, providing an optimal package of services for our users. “

It is interesting…

The LBX report also says that against the background of a sharp increase in the interest in trading by women, this indicator is much lower among the male part of the population. This is due to a different approach to the investment process. Women:

  • are not inclined to pursue the benefits;
  • tend to consult their friends and family more often.

Male traders have a more aggressive style of trading, which sometimes plays a cruel joke against them. Women measure seven times, cut once!

The LBX analysis completely echoes the data of the report prepared by analysts from the German Postbank. It says, 36% of women are interested in investing in Germany.

Women-traders are less concerned about anonymity. They are ready to work in the legal field and to be identified on the exchange platform. So this is not a new-fangled British-German trend, but an established trend.

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