Weiss Ratings on the EOS Future

Weiss Ratings experts noted that if you invest in a project, then you need to carefully monitor its development. Therefore, the agency provided its forecast for the EOS project, which recently launched its network into operation.

First of all, the greatest advantage of any blockchain project is its decentralization. People are ready to join the platforms in which each member of the network has the right to vote and can influence the further development of the system. However, despite all the advantages of’s work, their project has significant problems in this direction.

As analysts noted, only a dozen key holders of tokens has currently impact on the system. Moreover, the development team looks like kings, while all the other members of the network seem to be peasants. As an example, the indicators of the Gini Index are used to determine the level of distribution of wealth by country. Of course, it is not correct to use a purely economic tool for cryptocurrency, but it clearly demonstrates how much the EOS network is centralized.

However, Weiss Ratings does not blacken the project, but merely points to the existing problem, the decision of which will be able to render the EOS blockchain to unprecedented heights.

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