Zcash Network Released Overwinter in Regards to Hard Fork Preparation

Zach’s, the network of one of the anonymous cryptocurrencies, updated their software. The implementation of Overwinter, according to the developers, is necessary to support major upgrades planned for this year. On the official blog of the project, it is reported that Overwinter will be activated in the network on June 25th. This will dramatically change the algorithm of the network and move it to a new level of development. After the implementation of the new version of the software on the network, the protection against repeated transactions will be improved, and the capacity will be increased as well. There will also be a new option that limits the validity of the transaction.

The implementation of Overwinter is also necessary for the successful launch of the Zcash Sapling update planned for the current year. According to the roadmap of the developers, Sapling should be held in September. After its activation, the network will no longer work with the Sprout protocol. It is reported that after this, it will be possible to configure the Powers of Tau parameters. This option will eliminate problems in working with applications created using zkSNARK technology. In addition, it will be possible for developers to issue their own tokens using the Zcash platform.

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