Aligato 2.0 – from online store to a blockchain marketplace

Aligato 2.0 is a multifunctional blockchain-based marketplace with an educational module, iris recognition identification and drone-powered delivery.

The history of Aligato began in 2014. At the time was the fastest-growing online stores in Poland. In its first year it managed to garner over a million items available for sale. Who could’ve thought something would go wrong? Yet it did. As time went by, the project faced more and more issues with suppliers who couldn’t stock enough goods or had no proper information about their inventory, etc.

All that affected the quality of service for the online store user in a negative way. Its creators – Bartosz Juraszek and Adrian Dymarczyk, have come to a shared conclusion: the project must be relaunched.

As a result, the concept of the Aligato online store has changed considerably, while the project itself was renamed to Aligato 2.0. The use of blockchain allows to increase transaction security by a substantial margin. The user interface was simplified to the maximum and an AI customer support helping clients every step of the way was implemented.

The core of the platform will be its proprietary token – Aligatocoin that can be used as means of payment (featuring non-existent fees) for both goods and services on the platform. Less than after a month after the end of the ICO (30.08.18) Aligatocoin will be available for use as a full-fledged exchange-traded investment vehicle.

Aligato 2.0 features an undeniable advantage for investors – the existence of a marketplace that has been operating effectively for multiple years.

The project’s road map is well-detailed and implies that upon reaching certain fundraising milestones on various implementation stages, a multifunctional marketplace with an educational module (effective sales training), an iris recognition payment system (Pay via Eye) and drone-powered order delivery.

Aligato 2.0 beta will be presented to the public early 2019.

Want to learn more about the platform and participate in the token sale?

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