Project Uniting Creatives Via Reward-Based Payments Launches Alpha Version Platform

Qravity, a project that facilitates the production and distribution of digital entertainment, has launched a demo version of its platform, which enables decentralized creative teams to collaborate on content production and earn royalties for their work.

Their white paper describes how Qravity will “provide a space for creative visionaries to collectively develop monetizable digital content” such as films, video games, music and other media. A short explainer video summarizes Qravity features.

Using unique tokens and smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, producers or project founders can “track digital content creation, distribute project stakes among creative team members and bring Qravity-produced content directly to market.” According to Qravity, creators receive stakes in the projects they help complete and receive stake-based royalties when said content is consumed, allowing for potentially unlimited earnings from successful projects. The company says they evaluate every project proposal they receive thoroughly and approve only those with the highest market potential in order to maximize profitability for stakeholders.

The Qravity platform is also designed to enhance working relationships and ensure efficient communication between team members. Project managers can use the platform’s professional project management tools to guide their creative teams and track task progress and contributions through all stages — from project initiation through production to distribution. They can also track individual contributions from team members.

Two tokens power Qravity: Qravity QPT to track project ownership — essentially representing shares in a project — and Qravity QCO for monetary transactions, such as content purchases and payments to project stakeholders. Content creators can earn QPT for completing project tasks; these tokens are for internal use within the platform and not available for public purchase. When consumers and distributors buy or rent Qravity content, creators receive a portion of each payment in QCO based on the volume of QPT they received for their work on the production of the purchased content. The greater a creator’s contribution to a project, the more QPT they receive, and, in turn, the greater share of QCO they receive from every purchase.

The Qravity token presale runs from Aug. 18 to 31, 2018, with tokens available for purchase using Ethereum (1 QCO = 0.0002 ETH).

According to the Qravity roadmap, the company plans to launch the fully functional platform in Q4 2018, when it will also begin production on the platform’s pilot project, Lizzard Maddoxx. This feature-length, 3D-animated film will be the first digital entertainment project to be produced and distributed entirely with Qravity. It is scheduled to be available through the platform’s marketplace in Q4 2019. Prior to the release of Lizzard Maddoxx, in Q1 2019, Qravity will start accepting new digital content project submissions. The team also plans to enhance their ‘community-minded’ ethos by running events, tutorials and workshops for creative talent around the world.

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