Cryptocurrencies and private capital management: CINDX platform allows easy and profitable investment in cryptocurrencies

The global market of private capital management is developing exponentially. According to the   fоrecаst of the EY consulting company, the volume of net invested assets belonging to retail investors who have $1 million worth of assets will grow from current $55 billion to almost $70 billion by 2021. Alternative investment products enjoy ever increasing attention of investors; it is the response of the market to the financial crisis of the end of the 2000s that undermined the confidence in such traditional assets as shares and government bonds. “Passionate” investments: this is how the experts of the consulting company characterise the assets that become more and more popular among the retail investors.

Cryptocurrencies are one of such assets. According to an opinion poll held by Capgemini, over a half of investors with large net capital (over $1 million) declared interest in cryptocurrency investment, 29% of them being highly interested and further 27% being moderately interested.

The demand for the type of capital management is also changing. Digitalization and mass proliferation of smartphones and mobile application influenced the dominating view of the field among the young investors: they need transparency, speed, simplicity and a possibility to obtain a complete set of services from one provider, reports EY.

While the traditional financial market already possesses infrastructure that at least partly meets the demand of the consumers, the cryptocurrency industry, still in its early development phase, needs such a system that would allow the investors to easily enter the cryptocurrency market, to find an asset manager with a suitable strategy, and to help to use a maximum number of tools currently available in the field of cryptocurrency investment.

The CINDX platform is an investment ecosystem for crypto trading allowing easy investment in cryptocurrencies, done with minimum effort, and enabling passive revenue thanks to the investment strategies of the best traders in the world. A convenient interface makes it possible for retail investors to manage all their cryptocurrency assets on various trading platforms, attaching the cryptocurrency exchange accounts to the CINDX account. The management of the cryptocurrency assets can be entrusted to traders, selected with the help of the CINDX assessment system, using the archive of data on the activities of every professional traders and helps find the most suitable of them to manage the assets of the investor.

The trading operations of the investors are connected to the activities of the chosen trader with a suitable investment strategy. However, unlike the traditional capital management, the control of assets stays in the hands of the investor himself that can break off the cooperation with the trader at any given moment, avoiding any loss of capital.

Only those participants who successfully pass a 60-day testing of their investment strategies can obtain the status of asset managers on the platform. The entire information on operations and their profitability is preserved in the blockchain and shown in the profile of the asset manager. The manager receives remuneration for every successful investment operation, paid automatically thanks to the use of smart contracts.

The CINDX platform aims to bring the cryptocurrency investment market to a new professional level. In order to do this, it works out a system of incentives for developers that would create trading tools simplifying investment operations and increasing investment profits such as trading bots, indicators and signals. The developers would be able to sell their solutions to the traders and asset managers and touch remuneration for their work.

The internal currency of the project is the CINX token. 61% of its total emission will be distributed with the help of crowdsale. The preliminary token sale and the main stage of the ICO will start in 2018. A total of 35.1 CINX tokens are to be distributed within the framework of ICO and Pre-ICO. The initial price of the token during the Pre-ICO amounts to $0.8 but early investors will touch bonuses of up to 15%. In the future, token owners will receive monthly dividends of 30% of aggregate commission fees of the platform. In this way, the users of the platform will be able not only to earn money on investment but to get passive revenue simply by participating in the ecosystem.

The team of CINDX consists of professionals in the fields of investment, capital management and IT. Its CEO, Yuri Avdeev, carried out nine successful projects and has $2 million of cryptocurrency assets under management in his portfolio. Val Jerdes, Director of Product, is a well-known venture investor from the Silicon Valley, an ‘angel investor’ with a 20-year experience of investing into startups in their initial stage of development. The list of advisors of CINDX includes such investors famous in the venture business as Keith Teare, Chairman of the Investment Committee in the British venture company Accelerated Digital Ventures and a shareholder of TechCrunch, Austin Kim, rich of 30 years of experience in the sphere of insurance and asset management, including in such giants as Renaissance Insurance and Aviva, Philip Staehelin, with work experience at leading positions in the largest telecommunication companies A.T. Kearney, T-Mobile, banks and consulting. The CINDX platform is developed by CINDEX, a company registered in Estonia and having all necessary licences for operations with virtual currencies and work as a financial organisation.

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