New Platform Allows Businesses to Launch Their Own Cryptocurrency Exchange

On Sept. 3, the Spotware company, which specializes in providing contract for difference (CFD) and forex technology services, released its new solution that allows customers to start their own cryptocurrency exchange, says the official press release. The platform is called cXchange and the company claims it is to be the most technologically advanced cryptocurrency exchange platform to date.

According to the Spotware statement, cXchange is a complete out-of-the-box solution that offers scalable architecture, an “ultra-fast” matching engine — which can support any asset — as well as a high level of security.

In addition to the platform itself, Spotware offers native mobile apps on Android and iOS for cXchange customers. Technical support is offered for all customers and provided 24/7 by Spotware.

One of the main advantages of the new solution is in its user-friendly logic and interface. “Many exchanges — even the most popular ones — can at times be complex and not very user-friendly. Exchanges created with our solution solve this issue,” emphasized Spotware CEO Alexander Shulman, in a comment to Cointelegraph.

Another perk of the cXchange is that a lot of transactions — from trading commissions to withdrawal security settings — can be customized. The new platform offers an exchange operator an account management back office with a variety of settings to tailor their own digital asset exchange, and it is also integrated with blockchains for deposits and withdrawals. The team says the platform supports the entire user-lifecycle, providing traders with rich functionality and a range of charting tools, technical analysis and order types.

In addition to the most popular cryptocurrencies, the platform allows users to list a range of different ERC-20 tokens and coins of completed ICO projects from the menu with minimal extra cost, as the official website states.

Aside from the tokens, cXchange supports fiat trading pairs, whether the pair is crypto vs. fiat or fiat vs. fiat. Deposits and withdrawals can be possible by integrating payment processors, e-wallets, crypto wallets or by accepting wire transfers.

The exchange operators can also set their own terms for getting liquidity and enabling market participants to integrate with the exchange via FIX API, a financial industry standard.

The platform-as-a-service (PaaS) business logics implies that further development, maintenance and support is taken and ensured by Spotware. “This should save a lot of time and efforts for those willing to start a crypto exchange business, and they get regular updates and ongoing support,” Shulman.

cXchange says it can be extended to accommodate unlimited users, trading accounts, assets and pairs. It also supports live chat, referral programs, dynamic fee discounts and its own white labels as add-on features.

Spotware has been operating on the online trading market since 2010, with its flagship product, cTrader: the CFD and forex trading platform.

“We used our expertise and proven technologies to create cXchange. There are only a few solutions available in the market resembling cXchange, but our platform is a high-quality product unlike other ones, as it was developed by a professional financial software development company,” commented Shulman.

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