EncryptoTel presented its cloud platform at the CIS 2018 GCCM Almaty telecommunication conference

The company Encrypto Telecom (EncryptoTel) took part in the annual Carrier Community forum in Almaty, which traditionally was attended by representatives of major international telecom operators.

At the CIS 2018 GCCM conference EncryptoTel team presented its innovative Cloud PBX with a full range of telecommunications services, both for business and for individual clients. One of the key advantages of EncryptoTel’s blockchain platform is the encryption of information through a combination of proven algorithms and company’s own developments with blockchain technology, as well as the ability to deploy detailed data analysis that includes activity statistics of customers or employees. Thanks to the cloud PBX, the platform allows you to use a wide range of modern telephony features: free calls within the network, access with limited or extended rights, caller ID spoofing, IVR automation, callbacks, recording conversations, etc. The company also provides secure cloud storage services for files.

The EncryptoTel team presented a new platform and held meetings with representatives of the largest players in the telecommunications market and representatives of the public sector. Among the participants of the conference were such companies as Kazakhtelecom, KazTransCom, MTS, Vympelcom, Megafon, Rostelecom, Sky Mobile, Kyrgyztelecom, China Telecom Global, the Ministry of Telecommunications of Turkmenistan and many others.

“The interest shown by representatives of the largest telecom companies to our platform indicates that the market is in search of new directions for development,” said Roman Nekrasov, CEO and co-founder of EncryptoTel. “Blockchain technology can be a response to the challenge of the modern market and help its participants not only reduce operating costs, but also provide customers with a more effective and reliable tool that did not exist before.”

The total number of participants in the conference exceeded 350 representatives of more than 150 regional and international organizations working in various areas – mobile and satellite communications, construction of data centers, provision of video services via the Internet.

Currently, EncryptoTel’s product is in pilot testing, and the project team invites all potential partners to cooperate.

About the forum: https://www.carriercommunity.com/cis-2018-gccm-almaty/


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