ARROUND Starts Working with Campari

Wild Turkey’s global advertising campaign is venturing into augmented reality after Campari and ARROUND sign an agreement on cooperation. Soon, users of ARROUND will be able to savour the delight of high-quality bourbon not just in real life, but also in the virtual world, with the first phase launching before the end of the year.

The new creative campaign is part of the global marketing plan of Campari to promote the cult Wild Turkey bourbon, which is currently running globally. Part of Campari’s efforts are focused on using the exciting technology of augmented reality, in partnership with ARROUND.

ARROUND is a breakthrough platform uniting users, advertisers and AR developers. The alpha version of the ARROUND app for iOS and Android is already available to download in the AppStore and on GooglePlay for user testing. The app can integrate any type of content into the user’s surroundings through adding layers of augmented reality, giving advertisers brand new opportunities to be creative and develop stunning campaigns guaranteed to impress their audience. Wild Turkey is using the technology to tell the story of its legendary bourbon brand to the world.

ARROUND’s partnership with Campari looks set to continue for the long-term. AR is an innovative technology that allows brands to turn their existing advertising material into beautiful and engaging experiences that offer unparalleled response rates. Augmented reality offers a new way to reach customers, allowing users to experience products in their own world.

“So many times people choose their drinks to fit in and join the crowd,” said Matthew McConaughey, Creative Director of the new campaign. “Wild Turkey is about something different. It’s important to always be true to yourself, whatever life puts in front of you. At Campari, we follow our own path and look out for things which are new, things that look interesting and exciting to us. Advertising in augmented reality and augmented reality technology itself have really caught our attention, and it’s something that we need to get involved with.”

ARROUND has so far received over $5 million USD in investments, and the company’s technology has already attracted the likes of global brands such as Scania, Unilever, Carmex, Magnat and TRESemme.


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