Reasons why you should go for ICO Investment

“It is not a speculative investment even though it is being used as such by other people. As Bitcoin network grows the value of Bitcoin grows. As people move into Bitcoin for payments and receipts they stop using US Dollars, Euros and Chinese Yuan which in the long-term devalues these currencies.” Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google.

Reportedly there are now more than 1500 cryptocurrencies in the market today. From an investor point of view transparency, trust and decentralization are important parameters for cryptocurrency investment, but they are not the prime motivators. In this blog, we discuss some of the key reasons why you should go for ICO Investment.

There have been not too many moments in history when participants decide the rules of the game. Participants for long have been puppets in a system tailor-made for abuse of power and authority by a few. One major reason for the popularity of Bitcoin is decentralization. And this popularity has trickled down to other altcoins too. ICOs have taken center stage over the past year with some even attracting Billions of dollars in investment. eos.ios raised 4 Billion dollars without a live product in place. However not all ICOs gain instant stardom. About more than 50% ICOs fail to reach minimum cap target. However, despite this ICOs continue to hold their shine. There are good reasons for it and there are good reasons for you too if you are looking to invest in ICOs.

Exponential Price Growth

ICOs are like penny stocks during their infant stages. However ones they get listed on an exchange, the value can skyrocket within minutes of listing. Hence, even a small early investment can easily multiply to exponential proportions on a blue moon day. Other than this, even if the ICO doesn’t register exponential growth, investors can be assured of profits once the trading starts and the coin/token changes hands. A lot of this though depending on whether or not the ICO Project justifies a cause and solves a potential problem. A good ICO will see increased public interests and thereby consequently affect the price by triggering demand.

First-Mover Advantage

On May 22, 2008, a programmer purchased two large Papa John’s pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins, worth about $30 at the time. Little did he know that his 10,000 bitcoins would be worth $82 million today. The incident is now celebrated as BITCOIN Pizza Day around the globe but also carries a deeper lesson for altcoin/cryptocurrency investors ‘Traders may win today but Early Investors will rule tomorrow’.

ICO offer investors with attractive discounts throughout the different phases of the ICO. This is to lure investors and get the project up and running. However, investors stand to make a great fortune from a small investment if all goes as per the roadmap. Hence early investors stand to multiply profits from ICO investments. A better way to understand this is that today Bitcoin is priced around $6,439.12 today compared to $0.08 in 2008. From this, You should be able to understand that ICOs are the best time to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Bamboo Tree Investment

The growth of Bamboo Trees is synonymous to credible ICOs. They might not be all-out money minters from DAY 1, but they will hold within themselves the potential to grow into a large profitable investment after the initial hurdles of proof of concept and blockchain transition are overcome.

Similar to the growth roadmap of a bamboo tree, go through the roadmap of every ICO carefully. Next, read the whitepaper. Once satisfied that the ICO is a valuable long-term investment, join the whitelist to reap the benefits. Reportedly, the Bamboo tree shows no sign of growth during the first few years of nurturing and nourishment. But in the fifth, it grows an unprecedented 80 feet in just six weeks!. ICOs with a great team, credible investment partners and practical roadmaps are our bamboo tree investment.

Customized Tokens

Tokens are based on smart contracts. Smart Contracts are pre-programs for setting conditions and agreements of a transaction. They make tokens multipurpose. This means that they can be easily exchanged for other tokens of the same standard on the exchange. This ensures high liquidity. Hence, investing in EOS standard tokens will offer more profitability with greater customization.

Last but not least, there is no alternative to research This will pay you tremendously when investing in an ICO. Join Crypto community forums as well as follow reputed ICO websites to cross-check the credibility of an ICO.


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