Right after Android, DTC tokens are now available for in-app purchases at IOS

DTC tokens have been implemented in Denim (IOS) for in-app purchases. It had been previously enabled at Android (since DTC tokens were implemented in Denim for Android in-app purchases, 180K+ coins have been spent).

Users can now pay for our services in tokens and get up to 50% off compared to fiat prices. Currently you pay $30 or 4619 DTC for 2-week premium access (save $10) and $2,5 or 254 DTC ($1.15 in fiat) for account bumping.

All the tokens will be burnt immediately after in-app purchases. As the number of tokens in circulation will decrease, its price will increase.
The tokens are currently available for purchase at YoBit exchange (DTC/ETH and DTC/BTC pairs) as well as at BitMeEx.pro exchange. Denim users can buy tokens following detailed step-by-step instruction. Direct token in-app purchases at YoBit will be available soon, so that no third parties will be involved in transaction.

NB. If you don’t have Denim account and would like to pay for our services with tokens, you will need to activate it at our website.

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