Five Critical Vulnerabilities Discovered in EOS in 2019, HackerOne Data Shows, the company responsible for the development of fourth-largest crypto by market cap EOS, has handed over bug bounties for five critical vulnerabilities this year. Public activity on breach disclosure platform HackerOne revealed the bounties.

On Jan. 10, $40,750 was awarded to five white hat hackers on the platform by, and the day after, another researcher received a $10,000 bounty. Five of those bounties are equivalent to $10,000 each, which is the highest possible payout reserved by the company only for the most critical vulnerabilities.

The Tron Foundation, the company behind the cryptocurrency Tron, also awarded four bounties in January — one of them for the most critical level of bugs — spending $22,700 in total.

Vulnerabilities have also been already discovered in other crypto companies this year. Namely, two bounties have been awarded by Cobinhood and one by Coinbase for bugs found in the low vulnerability tiers.

All of the vulnerability reports that have been awarded a bounty cited in this article are undisclosed, and the details of the vulnerabilities discovered are not public.

EOS has kept its price stable on the day at press time, losing only about half of a percent of its value in the past 24 hours and trading at $2.40.

Researchers were awarded $878,000 in 2018, with being reportedly responsible for 60 percent of all the bounties handed out over the whole year.

China recently released its latest government-sponsored rankings of major cryptocurrencies. In this report, EOS kept its top spot, while Bitcoin (BTC) came in 15th.

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