Ex-NATO Secretary General Bullish on Blockchain as He Partners With Swiss Startup

Swiss blockchain identity network Concordium has hired former Danish prime minister and NATOsecretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen as a strategic advisor, the company confirmed in a press release on March 20.

The Concordium Foundation, the controlling entity behind the Concordium Network that launched a proof of concept in January, aims to tackle blockchain deployment in certain fields with Rasmussen’s expertise.

The former politician currently heads Rasmussen Global, a consultancy firm active in diverse fields including democracy, transatlantic relations and security policy.

“Given the enormous scope and far-reaching potential of the Concordium Network, it is essential for the Concordium Foundation to harness the knowledge of those with invaluable in-depth strategic expertise,” Concordium’s chairman, Lars Seier Christensen, commented in the press release. He added:

“Anders will play a pivotal role in our global expansion plans to move into areas that require a blockchain solution for secure and private communications, as well as liaising with governmental departments that will benefit from its implementation.”

While Rasmussen collaboration will focus on voting identity in particular, Concordium is aiming to position itself as a more general blockchain operator, facilitating record-keeping for transactions.

Discussing his appointment, Rasmussen likewise appeared buoyant on the technology’s potential.

“We are only beginning to see the benefits that blockchain technology will bring to our societies, including in our democratic processes,” he added in the press release.

As reported, voting alone saw two decisive blockchain trials in March, with Denver’s municipal elections and, elsewhere, Russian election primaries within a political party both leveraging the technology in their procedures.

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