Bitcointalk require users passing KYC

The most famous of the living forums dedicated to cryptocurrencies – Bitcointalk, now requires the passage of KYC verification from its users!

When you log in to your forum account, you will find the message “KYC is now required! In order to continue using the forum, submit your KYC information”. It will contain a link leading to the KYC form, where you will be asked to answer two dozen different questions.

Using the forum without verification is still available. But if you take into account the warning left by the administration – there is a high probability that this is a temporary phenomenon.

It is not a secret that because of the attempts to regulate the cryptocurrency industry, exchange, services which exchange cryptocurrency to Fiat – they are all without exception enter the KYC procedure for their users, trying to dianonimyze them.

In addition to the standard requirements, such as name and address, you will be asked to provide a social security number, share information about income, name a blood group, share the addresses of crypto-wallets and provide a complete list of information related to your credit card.

At the very end of the form, you will be asked to agree that all information you provide will be shared with the IRS, FBI, CIA, NSA, Federal Reserve, ECB, Interpol, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Equifax, Chainalysis and your parents.

In the near future, our team will try to pass the KYC procedure on Bitcointalk and share with you both information about the timing of data confirmation and personal experience.

What’s it? April fools’ day or the harsh reality of the cryptocurrency world?

Feel free to ask questions if you come up with any

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