Binance Discussing Libra With Facebook, Exchange Exec Reveals

Binance has engaged in official discussions with Facebook and is “very excited” about the libraproject, the exchange’s strategy officer Gin Chao told BlockTV in an interview on June 27.

While Chao cautioned the talks were at an early stage, the executive said Binance was “looking forward to working with libra as much as we can.” He said:

“I think the potential that libra can have, not just on mass adoption but what it means to payments and forcing regulators’ hands to catch up a bit, is all good news.”

In a separate interview to Finance Magnates at the FinTech Junction Conference in Tel Aviv, Chao revealed that the discussions between Binance and Facebook “have largely focused on dealing with infrastructure.” He added:

“It wouldn’t just be in [Facebook’s] interest to list their coin on our exchange. It would also be in their interest to list on other exchanges as well and that’s probably going to happen. So if they decide to go on a public chain, and they get the sort of adoption that they could get, we would probably want to list them.”

Meanwhile, speaking to CryptoPotato, Chao confirmed that Binance “would like to throw its hat in the ring” to become a validator node on the Libra network.

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