Uber for Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Is the Market Ready?

Every market has its evolution cycles. The cryptocurrency market has been no exception. After 10 years since the birth of Bitcoin, the market has created a variety of exchanges equipped to meet the needs of new generations of users.

The competition among exchanges grows with the acceptance rates of all sorts of cryptocurrencies. To solidify its pieces of the crypto pie, some exchanges bet on usability and convenience for the end-users, while others focus on the needs of professional traders, offering sophisticated instruments and tools for trading. More ambitious exchanges are satisfying the demand for further decentralization and create decentralized offers, following the lead of big market players like Binance DEX.

This variety of offers opens the doors for more mature types of business models like aggregators. Moreover, cryptocurrency trends inevitably follow general market trends like the uberization of the economy. The CREX is one of the businesses that strive to monetize on building the Uber for crypto exchanges.

The business case for uberization in the crypto world is no brainer. With no central regulation, the value of cryptocurrencies mainly depends on the demand and supply forces, that is known for bringing high volatility in the new markets. With rocket changes the user regularly encounters difficulties in ensuring the best rates without aggregators and other relevant business players. CREX tries to solve this customer pain by aggregating the offers from different exchanges and communicating the best rates to its customers.

The mechanics of the aggregator CREX is based on receiving the quotes for the same digital asset from different top exchanges. “As the communication with exchanges happens simultaneously and all lots are represented at one place, the customer can ensure the best rate at any given moment”, – highlighted the CREX company representative.

The success of any “Uber” lies also in the hands of both demand and supply. While the exchanges might be naturally interested in attracting new customers, they also have plenty of other instruments to achieve it. While some exchanges could be attracted only by the potential to reduce marketing costs, others might be more reluctant. The company representative is ensuring that one of the mechanisms to attract new exchanges is the free ride approach. In other words, unlike other Uber-type business, the CREX is not charging the exchanges with fees for listing the offers:

“The offers are listed as they are, with no commissions on our side”

This seems to be a stronger selling point. With the team and key investors including the founders of Crypterium and other experience crypto market players, there is a chance for a sustainable business model that will oversee the safety and transparency of the new Uber for crypto exchanges, alongside with its compliance. Moreover, the team is preparing good news for holders of CRPT – the token of the project.

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