Ron Paul Survey Reveals Most Prefer Bitcoin for 10-Year Investment

Almost 60% of 70,000 people would take Bitcoin (BTC) over fiat currency as a long-term investment.

That was according to a new survey on Nov. 4 by Ron Paul, the ex-Texas Congressman who has become well known for his proactive position on cryptocurrency.

Part of a regular series of polls, Paul asked Twitter users about their investment preferences for $10,000 of value, delivered as a lump sum and untouchable for ten years.

So far, out of more than 67,000 responses, Bitcoin is easily the most popular choice, with 58% of the vote.

Second in line is gold on 33%, while fiat currency in the form of US dollar notes is trailing on just 2%.

The results are even more complimentary for Bitcoin than Paul’s 2018 survey, during which it finished on 49% after 59,000 votes.

Paul’s advocacy likewise shows no signs of slowing as Bitcoin passes its eleventh birthday. He received his first physical Bitcoin wallet last week courtesy of Bobby Lee, the ex-CEO of cryptocurrency exchange BTCC.

The survey underscores the continued interest in alternative forms of money as global geopolitical uncertainty takes its toll on a number of countries’ national currencies.

With new interest come new questions about user protection. This week, investor Trace Mayer took the message to mainstream audiences once again by announcing the second annual Proof of Keys event.

Centered on making HODLers take funds off third-party exchanges, Proof of Keys aims to educate cryptocurrency users about the responsibilities involved in using money that does not depend on a central bank.

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