HYDROSTANDART.IO will create the digital economy of the future

Tech progress is a non-stop process of development, the pace of which is accelerating exponentially. Every day the borders between the digital, physical and biological spheres become more blurred, and the rapid change in the format of the economy strictly entails a change in the format of the financial system.

The global digital economy of the future will not be able to function with the use of modern electronic and paper money – it will need a new type of digital money, which will be based on a universal non-political standard of valuation of calculations and value. Creating and bringing to market such a universal monetary unit, which will be suitable for the implementation of external and internal financial calculations-the main goal of HYDROSTANDART.IO as a result of the implementation of its project.

What will distinguish the monetary unit of HYDROSTANDART.IO from others?

The currency unit of HYDROSTANDART.IO will strictly conform to physical magnitude – a certain number of energy, and this will be the main difference from any ever existed analogues. This monetary unit will be based on the “Hydrogen standard of money”, which combines energy as a tool of provision and money as an information carrier.

The currency unit of HYDROSTANDART.IO will be able to become a universal tool of trade turnover. It can be compared with the standard at any point of calculation, which will be an effective protection against risks and inflation, as well as it will be able to contribute to the stability of the financial and economic systems. With the use of such a monetary unit, the value of each commodity will consist of the energy costs of its production and its own energy content.

What will be used for that aim?

The project team of HYDROSTANDART.IO  has determined that hydrogen is best suited for this task, since it contains the highest amount of energy per unit mass-120.7 GJ / t. High specific energy content in combination with low molecular weight make hydrogen an ideal means of energy storage, transport and transmission.

What does the team of HYDROSTANDART.IO plan to implement within the frameworks of the project?

  • the creation of a decentralized ecosystem to allow direct interaction of tangible and digital assets;
  • launch of an open decentralized network of hubs providing distributed storage of hydrogen energy which will be controlled with the help of artificial intelligence technologies;
  • creation of a system of maintaining balance in the main issues of energy turnover- whom, how much, at what price, for what purposes, from whom, from what, etc.;
  • development of modules for analysis, recording and management of energy exchange and energy consumption;
  • launch of public data analysis, recording and management modules in web and Ethereum.

How will the implementation of the project HYDROSTANDART.IO go on?

  • The project is scheduled to start on December 14, 2019
  • Launch of “full node” Ethereum IP: February 5, 2019
  • HRS token publication: February 11, 2019
  • Hydrostandart.io platform publication on IP:  February 28, 2019
  • ICO 1: November 15, 2019 – May 15,  2020
  • Start of HRS tokens’ listing on exchanges: June 15, 2020
  • Creation of digital identity and accounting system with artificial intelligence: by November 15, 2020
  • ICO 2: November 15, 2020-May 15, 2021
  • Objective filling of digital personality, training and improvement of accounting system and artificial intelligence: by November 15, 2021
  • ICO 3: November 15, 2021-May 2022
  • Full capitalization of digital identity and accounting systems and artificial intelligence: by November 15, 2022
  • ICO 4: November 15, 2022-May 15, 2023

Completion of the test network of interconnected storage and energy exchange hubs with calculation in HRS tokens on the basis of recharging mobile and stationary cells with high density hydrogen and the possibility of inertial maintenance of the energy balance of the system is planned by November 15, 2025.

What is the token of the project HYDROSTANDART.IO?

  • The full name of the token: HYDROSTANDART
  • The token symbol: HRS
  • Initial token price: 0.0035 ETH ($ 0.5)
  • The total amount of the issue: 20 000 000
  • Minimum number of tokens to purchase: > 0
  • Number of tokens to implement: 17 395 000 (86,975%)
  • At the end of the ICO, unsold HRS tokens will remain in circulation.

The platform HYDROSTANDART.IO is an infrastructure project, as it involves the creation of a global digital infrastructure based on artificial intelligence, its tools solve current problems, the project offers innovative tools and technologies for the construction of the digital economy, and its solution opens up new areas of application for digital currencies and strengthens the material base of the digital economy as a whole.

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