Gutemberg Dos Santos, the Top Brazilian Motivational influencer is Feeding Thousands

Gutemberg Dos Santos, a Brazilian-American businessman, has spent $5 Million in charities and donations in the last 60 days.

‘’We are from the blockchain revolution, we care for the people. You see, the core concept of Bitcoin was prevailing transparency and saving people from traditional financial crookery. It is our motive to help the people to not only through financial education but also helping them sustain their life in these tough times.’’

It is not the first time when Gutemberg has come forward to help people. He has been contributing towards society since 2009 when he created his track record of consulting many mid-cap companies, and successfully managed the falling numbers (due to 2008 crash), especially in Brazil, in collaboration with business leaders.

Gutemberg’s own charity foundation has also decided to donate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Sanitization kits to different hospitals in Brazil and South America.

The man has requested every Billionaire of the country to pledge some percentage of their wealth towards the crisis.  He explained in his blog that how the term ‘economics’ is a very vast subject and everything is chained to each other. Just as in Blockchain, one block is connected to other and the whole system, the economy is of similar nature. If the situation doesn’t settle down soon, then millions of people around the world are going to lose their jobs, this will lead to a drastic decrease in consumption of goods and services, the effect will go back to those companies who already have horrible figures in their balance sheet and hence, a ripple effect around every other industry. ‘’So if billionaires think they are safe, this thing will come and bite them as they run these industries. They should definitely contribute a percentage of their wealth as the government stimulus is not enough.’’

Gutemberg also criticized economic packages pumped by the government and penned down the need for technically sound initiatives. ‘’You can’t save a bubble by creating many more bubbles.’’ – Gutemberg Dos Santos

At the time of writing this article, Gutemberg is drawing a techno-economic roadmap for all the business executives and employers. With this roadmap, he aims to jumpstart businesses to life. He has authored a couple of titles – bestselling in Brazil.

About Gutemberg Dos Santos

Gutemberg Dos Santos is a top fintech advisor and motivational speaker from Peru. He has spent his last 11 years advising fintech companies and is now working with government bodies and institutions closely for blockchain-powered initiatives.


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