FORSAGE: The Secret Of Success

FORSAGE was launched on the 6th of February 2020, and on the 15th of April the authors of the idea announced that the total user profits from the platform reached $2.5 million. By the end of May this figure increased to $14 million. Now the total amount of money the FORSAGE community has managed to earn is $82 million. Considering most crypto projects have failed, this level of success is especially impressive! How did FORSAGE creators manage to create a platform with such explosive growth?

FORSAGE – is more than just another crypto project with a referral program that rewards users for inviting their friends to join the platform. It’s a fully-fledged decentralized crowdfunding ecosystem that is constantly expanding its feature set. The FORSAGE system has been designed to reward every user with exactly as much as he or she has earned. Nobody can bend the rules or alter the algorithm simply because the system doesn’t hold any funds whatsoever, and the only part responsible for distributing the rewards is immutable code. Everything is simple and transparent: all transactions take place between user wallets, the smart contract merely oversees the automatic distribution of funds from user to user as soon as one of them fulfills certain conditions (buys a new level, invites a new user, e t.c.). This is decentralization in the true sense of the word — FORSAGE creators themselves have shut themselves out of the ability to influence the system’s activity, stepping down to the level of regular users. However, such openness and readiness to give up extra revenue in favour of transparency and fairness has helped them by proxy: the FORSAGE community has grown tremendously (now the platform boasts over 500,000 users).

The authors of the idea behind the project believe that the most important thing is to provide people with the freedom of opportunity. Our goal has always been to bring about a truly decentralized platform, because such technologies will serve as the foundation of the future economy that is fully transparent and clear for every participant. It’s not quite correct to call FORSAGE a platform anymore, it’s more of a community, or an international crowdfunding platform. In contrast to traditional, centralized crowdfunding, where projects publish themselves and raise money for a cause, decentralized crowdfunding breaks free from restrictions. Thanks to this dramatic transformation, the opportunity truly motivates people. As a result, they meet their goals faster than usual. FORSAGE creators have not set any strict rules, but recommend maintaining common sense and sticking to the letter of the law.

«People like to feel part of something bigger than themselves” say FORSAGE creators, noting that a tightly-knit community has time and time again shown readiness to work together in helping newcomers navigate the platform, and even translated the website into dozens of languages. This kind of community is the true thing of value in FORSAGE.

By the way, FORSAGE has become one of the first projects to utilize the IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) protocol. Being an interplanetary crowdfunding project means it will continue to work for as long as the Internet exists. Crystal clear transparency, absolute decentralization, unbreakable user funds protection and complete lack of human factor in the entire process are the points that made FORSAGE gain such popularity in such a short amount of time. Anyone can participate in the project — simply register on the website and support the person who invited you with as little as $10 worth of ETH (0.05), which will allow you to start raising funds for your own goal. FORSAGE keeps stats transparent too — anyone can follow the link on the website and audit the smart contract and every transaction by themselves.

These days when the cryptocurrency market is under constant scrutiny of regulators, the media and authorities, the advent of a truly decentralized platform that is supported by a strong community is a good sign. This means that the global economy is going on the right path to progress, and society is waking up to the importance of decentralization.

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