AI-Blockchain Platform Creates Digital Assets From Personal Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) specialist Kneron announced the launch of its KNEO platform on July 16, combining edge AI devices with blockchain technology to create secure and private personal networks.

The Kneron Neural-network Edge-AI Open platform also creates digital assets out of personal data which can be exchanged or sold to the corporations who want them.

KNEO uses blockchain technology to connect a number of edge AI sensors or stems, such as cameras, microphones and thermal sensors.

The term “edge AI” refers to systems which process algorithms locally, rather than sending data for remote processing. This means that KNEO does not require an internet connection, and all data collected is encrypted and secured on an individual private network.

Stems can be controlled by a central app and connect to enhance each other’s capabilities as they work together and share data.

Kneron has also introduced an edge AI marketplace on Google Play and iOS to encourage the open-source community to develop applications which update, alter or combine edge AI devices to perform specific tasks.

Potential use cases include monitoring home energy usage, health and preventative care, car maintenance, home security and many more.

The marketplace will also connect consumers to corporations who want to buy or use their blockchain-enabled data in digital asset form. Driving data collected over a year may be exchanged for discounted automobile insurance, or shopping, lifestyle and consumption data may be sold to advertisers, brands or market researchers.

KNEO will also form a core part of AI education in universities. Major universities in the United States, Taiwan and Hong Kong already use Kneron’s technology in courses on AI development.

Developers and hobbyists can start building apps with just a KNEO stem and a Raspberry Pi.

Artificial intelligence has been around as a concept for a hundred years, although recent developments in networking, processing performance and storage have seen a slew of practical improvements.

The combination of AI and blockchain to create secure private consumer AI networks marks a convergence of two of the most touted technologies for the future.

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